The Ultimate Watch Guide for Women – Kodi Fashions
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For women on the go, watches come as a necessity just as much they act as a fashion piece. It may seem like such a simple choice – just go with whichever one catches your eye first, right? But with all the different styles floating around, it can be almost impossible to decide when you’re trying to shop for the perfect one to match both your wardrobe and lifestyle. That’s why Kodi Fashions has come up with this handy guide that breaks it all down for you. We’ve included the three types of watch movements, along with a chart showcasing four of the most popular styles and when to wear them.  Whether you’re a tech-savvy lady who needs to keep up with her daily steps or a professional who prefers a more classic look for your weekly business lunches, you’ll have no trouble discovering the most suitable watch to add to your collection.

The Ultimate Watch Guide for Women