FAQ – Kodi Fashions
Free 2-Day Shipping with Your Order

Q. When will my order arrive?

A. The arrival of your package should take within 3 days; although typical shipping times are 2 days.


Q. Who ships my items?

A. Your items are delivered by our fulfillment center and will usually reach you via your local postal service in your location.


Q. I made a large order but not all the items have arrived yet?

A. We ship items out in small groups so that you don't get stung at customs, and also to avoid you waiting for items that may take a little longer. Rest assured, all your items will arrive.


Q. How can I track my order?

A.  We send out tracking information to you once we confirm your order. However in some cases shipping information will be available once you made an order.


Q. How can I change my delivery address?

A. Not to worry, as long as you reach out to us immediately regarding the error in your address, we would be more than happy to change it for you. Just email us your full, correct address along with your order number and we would update your details for you.


Q. Why do you give out your products for free?

A. One of our main goals is to provide everyday fashion-forward style. To achieve this goal, we sometimes run promotional free item campaigns, where you only cover the cost of shipping. As a result, we hope you acquire you as a customer who will come back again in the future.


Q. Are there any other costs I need to pay?

A. There are no other costs involved in the promotional items.


Q. Where are you shipping from?

A. We currently ship from our warehouse in Boston. As a result, we are able to keep our costs low and pass on savings to the customer.


Q. Will my data be used by other third parties?

A. No, we value your trust. Your personal details will never be shared or sold to any third party vendors.


Q. How safe is it to place an order on your site, will you have access to my bank details?

A. Your card details are secure, payments are processed through our hosting encrypted server which is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant through VISA and other financial institutions.

Kodi Fashions itself does not have access to your card details and your payment which is processed through this server is later remitted to ourselves.

Alternatively, you can make payment through our additional payment provider Paypal.


If you have a question which isn't answered here, please email us at info@kodifashions.com