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Our Brand

Our sparkly Oceans, flush with life, flow & happiness, is the experience we embody with our Unique Jewelry Designs. Are you in awe of our oceans? So are we at Kodi Fashions!

Kodi Fashions is an Arts, Crafts & Fashion Store dedicated to designing a Unique line of Gem Jewelry pieces with Oceanic & Volant themes.

Our Classic Collection is crafted from sparkly crystal gems into a diverse array of unique Aquamarine & Volant designs.



Our products, crafted with Swarovski Crystal, pays careful attention to details in its jewel designs; Embodying our Classic & Stylish approach.

Visit our collections today to find a touch of Class in our Unique pieces Available Now! 



We ensure that all our products are environmentally sustainable in its approach this is why 5% of all sales go to Water Research & Ocean Clean-up Initiatives.


Why We Donate

We are happy to donate to Ocean conservatory efforts across the globe so to help foster our Oceans for a greener future.

When we protect our Oceans against pollution, there will be fewer Hurricanes, Species Extinctions, Tsunami's, Famines, Droughts, which impoverish people all over our World today.

5% of all our sales proceed go to the support of Environmental and Conservatory efforts that create positive change in our community today.

When we have Healthy Oceans, we get to enjoy more of the abundance our World has to offer.



We applaud you for being a driver of this positive change in our society today and we are glad to give you a Classy touch with our pieces today. You're a gem.

That’s enough about us. We’d love to hear from you!



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